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  • XMAM:X-raying Models with A Matrix to Reveal Backdoor Attacks for Federated Learning. Jianyi Zhang, Fengjiao Zhang, Qichao Jin, Zhiqiang Wang, Kang Xie, and Xiali Hei. Published by Digital Communications and Networks. paper
  • A Unified Training Process for Fake News Detection based on Fine-Tuned BERT Model. Vijay Srinivas Tida, Sonya Hsu, and Xiali Hei. Accepted by Big Data. paper
  • Physics-informed Neural Networks Based on Long Short-term Memory and Attention Mechanism for Solving Partial Differential Equations in Porous Media. Liqun Shan, Chengqian Liu, Yanchang Liu, Yazhou Tu, Linyu Lin, and Xiali Hei. Published by Advances in Geo-Energy Research. Impact Factor: 6.96.