Project 1: An Object Detection based Solver for Google’s Image reCAPTCHA v2

You can request the customized data set in Opensource.

Project 2:  Development of two VR-assisted low-cost online courses leading to security certificates

Abstract: We aim to bridge the students to the industry in cybersecurity. We plan to 1) increase college students’ marketability in cybersecurity placement; 2) provide opportunities to different student groups to be trained to fill the job vacancies; 3) create a pathway for community college students to transit to four-year colleges in cybersecurity. Objective}: We will: 1) create 1 online Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificate preparation course and 1 online Global Industrial Control System Professional (GICSP) certificate preparation course. Within this course, we will build an interactive virtual lab environment in the context of Industrial Control System (ICS) security for all Louisiana college-level students. 2) conduct a 3-hour online ICS training workshop by TechNeaux Tech. Services with real-world use cases and experience, 3) host 3-4 CAREER fair events in the State of Louisiana with local companies, the State government, security agencies in cybersecurity fields. Due to COVID, many students need to attend classes at home, while the ICS test platform is complex and non-movable. We will design VR-assisted lab/sessions and a virtual-TA box for the students to learn the ICS background. Besides, we will use various pedagogies such as Flipped-classroom to design the course materials. The private match includes 4 internships, 1 online workshop, and training opportunities at TechNeaux. The online course registration fee will be reduced to 100 USD for non-ULL students. This project will support 10 low-income students to register for the CEH exams and pay food and transportation fee 500 per student to 10 non-ULL students who want to attend the class in person. We plan to attract at least 50 statewide students registered in the course per semester. We expect that at least ten students will pass ICS and/or CEH certification exams.