Monthly Archives: February 2021

2021 (3)


  • Transduction Shield: A Low-Complexity Method to Detect and Correct the Effects of EMI Injection Attacks on Sensors.
    Yazhou Tu, Vijay Srinivas Tida, Zhongqi Pan, and Xiali Hei.
    In Proc. of ACM ASIACCS 2021. paper bibtex
  • A Low-Cost Attack against the hCaptcha System. Md Imran Hossen, Xiali Hei Accepted by WOOT 2021 conjunction with IEEE S&P 2021. paper bibtex


  • Stacked LSTM Based Deep Recurrent Neural Network with Kalman Smoothing for Blood Glucose Prediction. Md Fazle Rabby, Yazhou Tu, Md Imran Hossen, Insup Lee, Anthony S Maida, Xiali Hei. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. paper bibtex