Monthly Archives: July 2017



  • SHipher: Families of Block Ciphers based on customized operator.
    Xiali Hei, Binheng Song, and Caijin Ling.
    In Proc. of IEEE ICC 2017 paper
  • A Countermeasure Against Face-Spoofing Attacks Using Interaction Video Framework.
    Kam Kong, Xiali Hei, Caijin Ling, Mohsen Guizani, and Hui Cao.
    Published at 2017 IEEE 3rd Information Technology and Mechatronics Engineering Conference (ITOEC).paper


  1. Data-Driven Optimization Framework for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control.
    Shiliang Zhang, Hui Cao, Yanbin Zhang, Lixin Jia, Zonglin Ye, Xiali Hei.
    Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2017. Impact Factor: 0.802. paper bibtex
  2. Double outlyingness analysis in quantitative spectral calibration: Implicit detection and intuitive categorization of outliers.
    Hui Cao, Yajie Yu, Yanbin Zhou, Xiali Hei.
    Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems. Vol. 166: 23-36, 2017. Impact Factor:2.303. paper bibtex