Current Post-doc Fellows

  • Yazhou Tu
  • Md Imran Hossen

Current Ph.D. Students

    • Md Abdullah Al Momin
    • Henry E Udeogu (minority),
    • Sai Venkatesh Chilukoti
    • Liqun Shan (female)
    • Diba Afroze (female)
    • Fangjiao Zhang

Current M.S. Students

      • Julien R Bonin

Current Visiting Scholars

        • NA

Current Undergraduate Students

        • Kristina Khalid-Abasi (female minority student, SURE awardee)
        • Hien Nguyen (female student, SURE awardee)
        • Jed R Booth
        • Mason J Mendoza
        • Peyton G Shaw

Graduated PhD students

  • Yazhou Tu
  • Md Imran Hossen

Previous Research Faculty

        • Bin Hao

Previous M.S. Students

        • Md Fazle Rabby
        • Md Abdullah Al Momin
        • Michael Peays (minority male, graduated, working in Integrity Staffing Solutions)
        • Jian Zhao (From M.S. Tsinghua University, graduated)
        • Yazhou Tu (From M.S. Tsinghua University, graduated)

Previous Undergraduate Students

        • Roshitha Vallurupalli (female)
        • Ashley Nicole Williams (minority female student, working in Accenture Federal Services LLC)
        • Matthew Fillman
        • Niara Medley (minority female, CEH)
        • Michaela Barnett (minority female, working in Accenture Federal Servicesc LLC)

Previous Visiting Scholars

        • Caijin Ling
        • Yuan Ping
        • Jianyi Zhang
      • I am always looking for energetic graduate and undergraduate students for research.
My group in July 2022
The research group on 3d printer security
Yazhou’s ceremony
Imran’s ceremony
Alligators in ULL’s Swamp
Previous Team in DSU