Current Post-doc Fellows

  • Yazhou Tu
  • Md Imran Hossen

Current Ph.D. Students

    • Md Abdullah Al Momin
    • Henry E Udeogu (minority),
    • Sai Venkatesh Chilukoti
    • Liqun Shan (female)
    • Diba Afroze (female)
    • Fangjiao Zhang

Current M.S. Students

      • Julien R Bonin

Current Visiting Scholars

        • NA

Current Undergraduate Students

        • Kristina Khalid-Abasi (female minority student, SURE awardee)
        • Hien Nguyen (female student, SURE awardee)
        • Jed R Booth
        • Mason J Mendoza
        • Peyton G Shaw

Graduated PhD students

  • Yazhou Tu
  • Md Imran Hossen

Previous Research Faculty

        • Bin Hao

Previous M.S. Students

        • Md Fazle Rabby
        • Md Abdullah Al Momin
        • Michael Peays (minority male, graduated, working in Integrity Staffing Solutions)
        • Jian Zhao (From M.S. Tsinghua University, graduated)
        • Yazhou Tu (From M.S. Tsinghua University, graduated)

Previous Undergraduate Students

        • Roshitha Vallurupalli (female)
        • Ashley Nicole Williams (minority female student, working in Accenture Federal Services LLC)
        • Matthew Fillman
        • Niara Medley (minority female, CEH)
        • Michaela Barnett (minority female, working in Accenture Federal Servicesc LLC)

Previous Visiting Scholars

        • Caijin┬áLing
        • Yuan Ping
        • Jianyi Zhang
      • I am always looking for energetic graduate and undergraduate students for research.
My group in July 2022
The research group on 3d printer security
Yazhou’s ceremony
Imran’s ceremony
Alligators in ULL’s Swamp