Monthly Archives: October 2020



  • An Object Detection based Solver for Google’s Image reCAPTCHA v2.
    Md Imran Hossen, Yazhou Tu, Md Fazle Rabby, Md Nazmul Islam, Hui Cao, and Xiali Hei.
    In Proc. of USENIX RAID 2020. paper  bibtex
  • Model and Strategies on Reopening Lockdown Societies due to COVID-19. Binheng Song, Xiali Hei. paper bibtex


  1. Maximized Privacy-Preserving Outsourcing on Support Vector Clustering.
    Yuan Ping, Bin Hao, Xiali Hei, Jie Wu, Baocang Wang.
    Electronics. 2020. paper bibtex