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  1. Yazhou Tu, Insup Lee, Zhiqiang Lin, Xiali Hei, and Jian Zhao, Carousel: Adaptive Acoustic Attacks on MEMS Gyroscopes in Smartphones and Beyond. Submitted to ACM CCS 2017
  2. Lizhou Yuan, Xiali Hei, Yazhou Tu, Jian Zhao, and Xiaojiang Du, A Voice Print based Access Control Scheme for Wireless Insulin Pump System. Will be submitted to IEEE INFOCOM 2017.
  3. Xiali Hei, Binheng Song, and Caijin Ling. SHipher: Families of Block Ciphers based on customized operator. Accepted by IEEE ICC 2017
  4. Kam Kong, Xiali Hei, Caijin Ling, Mohsen Guizani, and Hui Cao. A Countermeasure Against Face-Spoofing Attacks Using Interaction Video Framework. Published at 2017 IEEE 3rd Information Technology and Mechatronics Engineering Conference (ITOEC).


  1. You Cannot Sense My PINs: A Side Channel Attack Deterrent Solution for Touch-enabled Devices
    Caijin Ling, Xiali Hei, Kam Kong, Michael Peays, and Mohsen Guizani. GLOBECOM 2016: 1-7.
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  2. Jian Zhao and Xiali Hei, Magnetic communication based secure channel for wireless insulin pump, Book chapter, 2016.


  1. Musical examination to bridge audio data and sheet music
    X Pan, TJ Cross, L Xiao, X Hei. “Musical examination to bridge audio data and sheet music.” IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2015.
    title={Musical examination to bridge audio data and sheet music},
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  2. Energy-aware real-time scheduling on Heterogeneous Multi-Processor
    G Wang, W Li, X Hei “Energy-aware real-time scheduling on Heterogeneous Multi-Processor”, Information Sciences and Systems (CISS), 2015 49th, 2015
    title={Energy-aware real-time scheduling on Heterogeneous Multi-Processor},
    author={Wang, Gang and Li, Wenming and Hei, Xiali},
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  1. Emerging security Issues in wireless implantable medical devices
    Xiali Hei and Xiaojiang Du. Emerging Security Issues in Wireless Implantable Medical Devices.
  2. PIPAC Patient Infusion Pattern based Access Control Scheme for Wireless Insulin Pump System
    X. Hei, X. Du, S. Lin, and I. Lee, “PIPAC: Patient Infusion Pattern based Access Control Scheme for Wireless Insulin Pump System,” to appear in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 2013, Turin, Italy, Apr. 2013.
  3. Two Vulnerabilities in Android OS Kernel
    X.Hei, X.Du and S.Lin, “Two Vulnerabilities in Android OS Kernel,” to appear in Proc. of IEEE ICC 2013, Budapest, Hungry, June. 2013.
  4. Chapter: Implantable Medical Device Security
    Xiaojiang Du · Xiali Hei · Alexandru Samachisa · Marcin Lukowiak · Dong Zhang · Shuhui Li · Jie Wu · Daniel Phillips
    No preview · Chapter · Apr 2013
  5. PIPAC Patient Infusion Pattern based Access Control Scheme
  6. vulnerabilities2